New International Students' Medical Insurance

According to Article 22, "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan":
When a new international student registers, they shall submit proof of being covered by a medical and injury insurance policy which is valid for at least six months from the date that they entered Taiwan. Current students shall present documentary proof that they have joined Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Plan.

New International Students' Medical Insurance are provided to purchase for the new students first coming Taiwan. The international student insurance policy that costs NT$3,000 for 6 months, when arriving in Taiwan. The valid day of the insurance will begin on the first day of the new semester after international students arrive in Taiwan and clear their expenses.

Therefore, if a student decides to take this insurance instead of any other insurance, the student shall be liable for the situation that he/she may not be covered by any insurance policy before the "New International Students' Medical Insurance" becomes effective.

Payment: NT$3,000 for first six months

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* If the student is not enrolled in NHI after the six months of medical insurance, the student can keep purchasing the medical insurance for individual months until the student can take NHI. (payment: NT$500 per month)
★ For this kind of situation, please must apply to OIA in advance and finish the payment before your medical insurance lose efficiency. 

★ Individual-Application Period: The first week of each new semester (every September or February).


* The required documents for insurance claim are as follows,

A. Application form with signatures

B. Hard copy of your passport

C. Hard copy of you post office passbook

D. Hard copy of your ARC card

E. Certificate of diagnosis

F.  Receipt from the clinic


National Health Insurance (NHI)

According to Article 9, "National Health Insurance Act":
... any person who has an alien resident certificate in the Taiwan area must meet one of the following requirements in order to become the beneficiaries of this Insurance:

1. Those who have established a registered domicile in Taiwan for at least six months

2. ...

Students will have to pay the insurance premium during the registration of each semester (every January and August). The insurance fee for each student is NT$4,956 for one semester (NT$826 per month) (the premium rate is subjected to change).

Payment: NT$4,956 for one semester (NT$826 per month)
In January: pay for the spring semester (specifically from Mar. to Aug.)
In August: pay for the fall semester (specifically from Sep. to Feb.)

* New students who first time enrolled in NHI may have a different period of payment depended on the first continual 6 months he/she stay in Taiwan.


For more information, you could visit the official website of National Health Insurance Administration.