NFU Student Safety Insurance (group insurance)

  1. Applies to all NFU students (local students / international degree & exchange students)
  2. Fee: NT$310 per semester


Overseas Medical Insurance

  1. Applies to 1-semester exchange student
  2. Students who only exchange for 1 semester, please purchase your own medical insurance in your home country to cover your medical expenses during your entire stay in Taiwan


National Health Insurance (NHI)

  1. Applies to 1-year exchange students who have an ARC (Alien Resident Certificate)
  2. Students will be required to join NHI after 6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan. Before joining NHI, you will need to have your own overseas medical insurance to cover your medical costs during the first 6 months.
  3. Fee: NT$749 per month
  4. NHI official website

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