2022 NFU Tigertuber2.0 Uni.-For Life English Promotion Short Film Contest

(Final Acceptance)


123456.jpgFor the representatives of each group that enter the final, please check the student mailbox for the mail from OIA. The letter provides more detailed information (date/ time/ place) for the “Judging Conference and Award Ceremony”. Due to the on-site grading and ranking for the videos, we only provide a temporary certificate on that ceremony. The official certificate and bonus will be provided later on. If the representative cannot participate in the ceremony, please assign another member in your group for participation. Because of the limited space for the event, only one member per group is allowed, the representative or member can enter the venue after signing the attendant sheet. The "Judging Conference and Awards Ceremony" will start at noon. The representative or member of each group will receive a lunch box during the meeting.








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