Formosa Talent Internship Program (Formosa TIP) is an international collaboration established by National Formosa University, Taiwan.

Formosa TIP enhances the spirit of Taiwan Experience Education Program supported by the Ministry of Education.

Formosa TIP covers 4 areas including Engineering Technology HubAviation Hub, Business Hub and English Tutor Hub for the talents training.

Formosa TIP encourages foreign students from partner Universities to participate in short-term professional internship projects at NFU Laboratories.

Formosa TIP features cultural immersion activities to improve language, cultural fluency and to ease participants into students’ internship in Taiwan.

Formosa TIP helps foreign students communicate with Chinese speakers around the world while Taiwan is an ideal place for international students who want to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Formosa TIP allows international students to gain an in-depth educational experience in Taiwan, while also preparing themselves for the Asian job market.

By establishing the Formosa Talent Internship Program, National Formosa University would like to invite students to experience from the professional exchange courses and practice the research work.
Please find the attached leaflet for more information.

Online Application Form: Please scan the QR Code below.
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  1. Formosa TIP-Engineering Technology Hub:
  2. Formosa TIP-Aviation Hub:
  3. Formosa TIP-Business Hub & Language Tutor Hub:



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