1. Academic Year Fall 2024 International Students` Admission List as attached.

2. Notification for Foreign Student Enrollment will be issued by Email or hard copies. 

3. Diploma, Transcripts, Financial support statement, and Language Proficiency shall all be notarized by R.O.C. (Taiwan) overseas offices and are mandotory to be handed in for the registration process at National Formosa University. Admission shall be denied and/or the student shall be dismissed from National Formosa if there are any violations of notorized douments submission, the general academic honor code, and/or in the authenticity of the applicant’s documents. Those who have graduated shall have their diploma revoked.

4. Any typo of Names on the Admission List shall be in accordance of applicant's self-filling.

5. In case of any discrepancy of Admission List, the original version of NFU shall be prevail.

上班時間:週一~週五,8:30am~12:00pm, 1:30~5:00pm
email: oia@nfu.edu.tw
地址:第一校區行政大樓5樓, 632雲林縣虎尾鎮文化路64號