2024 Spring NFU Special Sponsorship for TOCFL

🌟Test Date: May 18th, 2024

🌟Registration Period: April 1st – April 23rd

🌟Registration Fee: $1,800 (Special discount for NFU students, please go to Language Teaching Center for discount QR code.)

🌟NFU Sponsorship: Full sponsorship ($1,800) of the registration fee!

🌟Qualification: (Performance at least A1)

1. Recommend by lecturers of Chinese Courses from the NFU Language Teaching Center.

2. Recommend yourselves to OIA, we will evaluate your qualifications with a simple test.

※ If you have taken TOCFL test last December, you can get the sponsorship too.

🌟NOTICE: You need to pay the registration fee by yourself first, and then submit your transcript and invoice to get the sponsorship.


上班時間:週一~週五,8:30am~12:00pm, 1:30~5:00pm
email: oia@nfu.edu.tw
地址:第一校區行政大樓5樓, 632雲林縣虎尾鎮文化路64號