2022 NFU Tigertuber2.0 Uni.-For Life
English Propaganda Short Film Contest


《Contest Regulations》

Mission Statement:
The aim of this contest is to select and award outstanding short films/videos made by NFU students, presenting the energetic features of local life in Huwei and study research in school, and recording the moods of hardness, happiness, seriousness as well as relaxing. English is used as the main language of the video to show the international characteristics of NFU.

1. Participants Requirement:

• All students of National Formosa University, forming a team to participate.

• There is no limit of the number of team members. A representative (could be director or producer, etc.) must be selected from the team members.

2. Deadline of Application:

March 4th, 2022

3. Deadline of Submission:

March 25th, 2022

4. Entry Procedures:

Step 1: Fill up the application form completely (attachment-1) including team name and team members.

Step 2: Print out application form and submit it to Office of International affairs.

Step 3: Store your video in USB and submit it to OIA before March 25th. (Require format: MP4/MOV). Hand in the filled form of Authorization Consent (attachment-2) and Introduction of Video (attachment-3) as well.

5. Result:

Shortlist Announcement: Shortlist will be posted on official website before April 15th, 2022.

Winner Announcement: List will be posted on official website before June April 29th , 2022.

6. Work Form:

• No limitation on shooting and filmmaking instruments.

• Length of video should be between 2 to 5 minutes. The resolutions should be above 1280*720. The video format could be either MP4 or MOV.

• Style of video is unlimited, yet it needs to fit into the topic (mission statement). English should be the main language of the video and subtitles are required.

7. Awards:

(1) Champion: NT$10,000 prize/team and a certificate award.

(2) First-runner-up (2 teams): NT$7,000 prize/team and a certificate award each.

(3) Second-runner-up (3 teams): NT$5,000 prize/team and a certificate award each.

(4) Merit (5 teams): NT$2,000 prize/team and a certificate award each.


Organizer: NFU Office of International Affairs
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※Download the file for more detailed information.

上班時間:週一~週五,8:30am~12:00pm, 1:30~5:00pm
email: oia@nfu.edu.tw
地址:第一校區行政大樓5樓, 632雲林縣虎尾鎮文化路64號