Announcement of distance learning is extended to the end of this semester

By NFU Academic Affairs Office

Revised on May 25th, 2021

  1. Due to the COVID-19, NFU follows the announcement of CDC and Ministry of Education. All students should avoid all unnecessary moving in case of being exposed in risk of COVID-19. The instruction as follows.
  2. The instruction of epidemic prevention announced on May 15, 2021, taking distance learning (synchronous or asynchronous) till May 30, is extended to the end of this semester.
  3. Based on the announcement on May 15, those courses such as practice (experiment) class which are postponed, can be online / distance learning or other alternative flexible teaching plan in principle. However, if online class is impractical, experiment on-site required course for learning shall be assessed by instructors of necessity, safety of epidemic prevention for students, and management of epidemic prevention for experiment site, etc.. Make preparation strict and perfection, implement under the respect for students’ will. Instructors may deduce practical lesson, separate schedule, separate group, make-up lessons or other flexible way to do on-site practical teaching.
  4. Students who are taking “service learning course II” without completing partial credits of “practical service learning”, shall take “distance learning online course” to complement “research and study credits”. The assignment form and reflection report shall submit online. Emergency measure for related course:
  5. All instructors should announce their ways of teaching adjustment on e-Campus to inform all course-taking students. All students should pay attention on course adjustment information from e-Campus. Distance learning to refer to “Instruction of Distance learning implement procedure”.
  6. All instructors shall inform students the assess measure of final exam and semester evaluation in advance. Contact with students closely, reduce doubt of students. Student shall pay attention to adjustment. Response to instructors with questions as early as possible. The teaching and evaluation plan of distance learning can be flexible and diverse. The NFU will prove in principle of tolerant identity. Even though, it must be in distance learning.
  7. All courses’ deadline of final grade submission will be postponed 2 weeks till July 19th. In order to protect the rights of students, instructors must complete activities related to all courses before the deadline of grade submission. Master and PhD oral exams may extend to August 31st. It may take distance oral defense.
  8. The graduates’ grades submission deadline maintains on June 16th.
  9. The summer school will start as scheduled on July 19th. NFU is either taking distance or not will depend on spreading of COVID-19, and will be announced before June 30th.
  10. Instructions (document/video) on software/system manual for distance learning are available at ( See appendix 1 for other resources about distance learning. Instructors may also use their own systems to do distance teaching.
  11. At classroom building 2, there are 4 classrooms equipped with DV systems for instructors who take asynchronous distance learning. There are 32 general classrooms equipped with WebCAM systems for instructors who take synchronous distance learning (Contact Mr. Wang via phone 631-5243)
  12. All students should avoid all unnecessary going out, and use computers/smart phone for distance learning at home or in the dorm. Students who went home should avoid all unnecessary going out.
  13. Since May 26th, the Hinet connect between NFU and outside has been speeding up from two-way 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps, requested by the added distance learning.
  14. The limitation of network flow in dorm, will be upgraded per day per person from 12GB to 18GB. The flow limitation will be modified in according to whole NFU entire network quality.
  15. NFU will follow the announcement from CDC and Ministry of Education and make course adjustment. All instructors and students please pay attention to new announcement from academic affairs office.
  16. The contact office related to distance learning:
    • Distance learning software and system operation problem, please contact T&L Center Mr. Chen/phone 6315925
    • Software and system technical problem: Computer Center Mr. Hsu/phone 6315066
    • Course information: Please contact Academic Administration Division
    • Mr. Yang/phone 05-6315112 (College of Management, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering and Science)
    • Ms. Lin/phone 05-6315113 (College of Applied Arts and Sciences, Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering, Department of Vehicle Engineering, Center for General Education, Language Teaching Center)
    • Ms. Wang/phone 05-6315114 (College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Automation Engineering, Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Design Engineering, Office of Military Training, Office of Physical Education)

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