New students who want to log in the course selection system please follow the steps as following:

If this is the first time you log in, the password is preset. You can change your password by following the steps: Log in with the preset password first.

Account: Your Student

Password: Your Birthday (YYYYMMDD)



If this is not the first time you log in but you forget your password, you have to bring your
student ID card to the Computer Center (2F in Information Building) to ask for help.

If you forget your E-care password, you can reset a new one through this website:

Enter your student ID and your birthday, and then the system will send an E-mail to your school G-mail account. Click the link it sends to you to reset a new password.




And now you can log in the course selection system at The account name is “your student ID number”, and password is the same as E-care system.